A Backpack and a Boy

A blog for mums with an interest in travel and photography

Welcome to my travel blog for mums who want to travel with their kids and learn photography along the way.


When I became a mum, I became a whole new person. I lost a sense of who I originally was. I was way too busy focusing on looking after someone else, that I forgot to look after myself as well. But, when my son grew older and could start doing things for himself, I decided to claim part of my old life back. I decided to travel to new and interesting places again, with both my son and my camera by my side. I wanted to record our travels by taking photos and hanging them on our walls, as a reminder of where we've been and what we've done together. You can do this too - and I'm going to show you how.

I'll be sharing my experiences, mistakes and advice with you. I'll show you how you can travel and explore new places with your kids - even if you're a single mum like me! I will teach you how to work your camera and how to compose beautiful photos of your family holidays, so you can hang some wonderful memories on your walls.


So join me and my son, in our adventures, while we take some incredible images of our travels.

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You will learn:
where to TRAVEL
how to use your camera