About Kelly

Kelly used to be a professional photographer who travelled the world on a whim. Fast forward 8 years and she is now a single mum with 2 jobs, and a young boy who she has spent most of her time trying to keep safe and teaching right from wrong.

Now that her son has grown a bit older, she's decided to take this opportunity to reclaim some of her former life back again, and she wants to take her son with her.

She bought a campervan and has reduced her hours at work so she can travel again, with camera in hand and show her son the wide and wonderful world that they live in. And she wants to do it with you too.

Kelly is going to show you that you can travel with kids and not rip your hair out because they want to do one thing and you want to do another. She's going to show you different places to travel to and things to do along the way. So everyone is happy.

She's also going to put her photography skills to good use again and teach you to use your camera properly, to show you how you can create lasting memories with your family, while re-claiming your life back too. Enjoy the ride. :-)

Kelly Pack.PNG