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Top Tips for Travelling with Kids

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Are you dreading going on holidays with your family because you don't know how to travel with kids? Read on to learn how to travel successfully with kids.

How to travel with kids
How to travel with kids


Whether you're travelling overseas, going on a trip in a caravan or driving interstate, if you're wanting to go on a fantastic family holiday without the kids whinging that they're bored, read my top tips below on how to travel with kids.

1. Research, research, research - Ask what everyone wants to do before you go

Once you decide on your destination, research what activities there are to do in the area and ask each family member what they would like to do while on holiday. Create an itinerary around what everyone wants to do, so that everyone gets to do something that they like.

One person might want to go to the beach, while another person might want to check out the botanical gardens. If this is the case, organise a morning at the beach and the afternoon at the gardens. Or, better still, a day for each activity. When you're travelling with kids, they tend to get bored easily if they have to do something that they don't want to do and you won't get to enjoy it. Remind them that everyone will get a turn at doing something that they like, and to be patient while someone else has a turn doing something that they might not like.

2. Purchase a fun suitcase that the kids will get excited about packing

To get kids to help with the packing, buy a fun suitcase (with wheels) that kids will want to play with while on holidays. If you're travelling with young kids, they will want to drag their suitcase around behind them, which saves you having to carry it everywhere. You can even get some that double as a seat for when their little legs get tired.

suitcase for travelling

3. Leave plenty of time to get to activities

When you travel with kids - things will go wrong!! Someone will have forgotten a teddy that you'll have to go back for. Someone will need to go to the toilet just before (or just after) you leave. Or someone will have a tantrum just before you plan to walk out the door. So, plan to get to activities (or flights) early so that you have time to do all the little things that delay you. They will happen, whether you like it or not.

4. Book well in advance

When travelling alone, you can turn up in a town, have a wander around and find the best accommodation depending on what you want to be closest to. When you're travelling with kids, you can't do this. Do your research and book your hotel well in advance, so that when you arrive at your destination, you can go straight to the hotel and unpack all your belongings. After everyone has settled in, then decide what to do, and go out and do it.

Airbnb has some fantastic places for families to stay and activities to do. If you visit my Airbnb blog post, you can even score yourself $55 off your first stay!

5. Make sure you pack activities for kids to do while travelling

Pack activities that your kids can do while you're travelling to your destination. Things like colouring books, a pack of cards, an iPad to watch a movie on (don't forget the headphones!), and books or a kindle if you have a bookworm in the family. Also, don't forget to pack snacks for the car or plane ride. You don't want to stop every time someone gets hungry. Or you might arrive at your destination just after all the cafes have closed for lunch and may have to wait until dinner time to eat again.

6. Ask for discounts for children when travelling

When you're eating out, or doing an activity, ask whether they provide discounts for children. Some places offer free food for kids with a paying adult. Some activities offer discounts for kids under a certain age. This is a great way to save money when travelling with kids.

7. Always know where your kids are - at all times!

When doing things like booking tickets or checking out menus at restaurants, make sure someone is ALWAYS looking out for your kids. You don't want to get distracted and when you look around, one of your kids is missing! Also, make sure that your kids have your phone number on them when you go out for the day, in case one of them gets lost while you're travelling. If someone finds them, they can give you a call and you can collect them asap.

8. Make sure you pack any medication that kids need for your holiday

Sometimes you might need to give your kids medication and you may not be able to buy it at your destination. The last thing you want is a ruined trip because someone has a headache. Make sure you pack everything that you will need while travelling. Medications to pack could include puffers if your children have asthma, headache medicine, antihistamine if there's any one with allergies, motion sickness tablets, any creams that your family has to use and anything else that you or your family takes regularly.

9. Take photos that include your family at the different locations you visit

There's no point in going to a travel destination if you don't take photos of your family enjoying their time there. Yes you can take lovely photos of the Eiffel tower, but if you don't get your family members in the photos as well, then it could have just as easily been taken by anyone. You want to show your kids these photos when they grow up, so make sure you take photos of them at the locations, so they can remember actually being there when they were little.

10. Give your kids their own camera

If you want your kids to truely get involved in the holiday, give them their own camera so they can record the things that they see while they're there. Amazon has some great kids cameras that aren't too expensive. They will love their new gift and look forward to the holiday so much more after receiving this. Looking at all the photos they took will also give them something to do in the car or on the flight home when they get bored.

Kids will come up with different angles and perspectives than you will. They might even focus on things that you missed. It's a great way to see what sort of things interest them along the way as well. Not only that, but you'll also get double the photos from your trip too!

Download my family photography checklist

If you're wanting to learn how to take better photos of your family while you're travelling, download my checklist and take it with you when you go on holiday. The checklist also has holiday ideas for family photos included on it, just in case you get stuck for locations to travel to with your family.

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If you've tried some of my tips in the checklist and have uploaded the images onto Instagram, please feel free to #abackpackandaboy to be featured. If you have any more tips that you think could benefit others, please leave a comment below. Happy snapping!

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