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Southbank Beach in the middle of Brisbane

Updated: May 31, 2019

Sometimes you have to get a little sand in your undies to enjoy life at the beach. Brisbane is lucky enough to have a man-made beach right at the centre of the city.

The man-made beach at Southbank in Brisbane
The man-made beach at Southbank in Brisbane

When the week ends and you can finally relax doing something fun with your loved ones, do you find yourself cleaning the house and yelling at your kids to turn the TV off and go play outside? A day at the beach can really help to release any tension from working full time and constantly being late for staff meetings, or school drop offs or anything else that life throws at you.

Even if you just spend an hour sitting in the sand while your kids build sandcastles or swim in the shallows, you will feel relaxed as you listen to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. If you can't stomach the hour's drive to get to the beach though, you could always pop into Southbank to chill out at the man-made beach by the Brisbane River.

Things to do at Southbank, Brisbane

Southbank has loads of things to do with kids. Including the man-made beach, the art gallery, the museum, the ferris wheel overlooking the city, eating out at one of the many cafes along the river, hiring a bike or scooter, visiting the edible garden, catching a Citycat up and down the river, visiting the markets, and loads more!

Southbank Beach

When Roman and I visited Southbank, there were street performers balancing on a unicycle, a train for the kids to ride in, the temple, shows on at the Q-Pac, an exhibition on at the museum, and the markets were in full swing. We decided to go for a swim in the man-made lagoon and have a play in the water park next door as well.

We then got some hot chips from one of the cafes along the river and bought ice-creams for a treat afterwards too. We had a great day splashing around together.

We then went for a wander through the bouganvillia plants to have a look at some of the street art on display in the area. The bouganvillia is so pretty and extends all the way along Southbank.

We then went for a walk along the river to take some photos and look at the boats and jet skis cruising by. There are a few different spots you can get on and off the City Cat along the river. We caught the boat over to the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and walked back to Southbank.

The Wheel of Brisbane was in motion, as was a little train that kids could go for a ride in. It really is such a special capital city.

Southbank is a fantastic place to visit with kids. It's also a great spot for photography. If you go there at night you can witness the changing colours of the city lights. If you head over to the Visit Brisbane website you can see what events are on in the area. Some times the council puts on special light shows in the city, which are amazing to photograph.

Riverfire is another awesome event to photograph as well. Below are some photos I took last time I was at Riverfire. The fireworks were amazing!

If you've visited Southbank and want to share some images that you've taken, #abackpackandaboy on Instagram and I might even feature one of your images. :-)

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