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Fun things to do with kids in Kingscliff

Updated: Jun 28

Kingscliff in Northern New South Wales is such a pretty place to stay and a great place to camp with kids. There's so much to see and do in the area.

Kingscliffe Beach at sunset
Kingscliffe Beach at sunset

Driving to Kingscliff

The drive from Brisbane to Kingscliff takes just under an hour (or just over an hour if you're following a caravan the whole way down). Make sure you pack the car with books and toys if you're travelling with kids as they can start to get bored towards the end of the drive. Roman fell asleep on both the way down and back again.

Camping at Kingscliff

We arrived at Kingscliff and set up our tent next to grandma and grandad's caravan. We stayed at Ingenia Holidays Caravan Park and had a great time! The park has a pool, a playground and a book exchange (that I can't believe that I forgot to visit!!) and they sometimes have fun holiday activities for the kids to do as well. (We just missed out on the big bouncing mat that they packed up on our second day of our trip.) You can also buy an ice-cream from the shop and book some local tours too. The staff are super friendly and will help you with anything.

Setting up the tent

Roman helped to set up the tent by hammering the pegs into the ground and blew up our air mattresses with the foot pump. He was such a great helper! :-) After we finished setting up, we went for a 5 minute drive to the supermarket to buy some food for the week. The drive along the Esplanade was so pretty and we were looking forward to going to the beach.

Fishing on the Tweed River

We wanted to do some fishing while we were at Kingscliff, so I went online and bought myself a recreational fishing licence for NSW (the cost was $7 for an adult for 3 days. Kids and pensioners don't need a licence to fish.) We packed our fishing rods and stopped off at the fish shop to buy some bait. We found a pontoon on the Tweed River and noticed some big bream swimming near the shore, so we cast our lines in and waited. Roman was the only one to catch any fish and we ended up throwing the 4 little ones back as they were under size, but everyone had fun casting the lines out. Roman was so excited to catch his first fish!

Then we headed back to the fish shop to buy some fish and chips for lunch while we watched the boats cruise by on the river. Roman also had a great time chasing all the seagulls (especially one with only one leg) and trying to climb trees after our meal.

Fishing with kids

Roman using his fishing rod to catch 4 fish. Pretty good for his first time! One was almost large enough to keep, but not quite.

Cudgen Creek, Kingscliff

I was browsing on Instagram (as you do when you're on holidays) and I found a photo of a beautiful creek near where we were staying. We decided to go for a drive to see if we could find it. There was a hire place there where you could hire a paddle board and take the kids out for a paddle and a swim. There was also a track which lead to the beach as well.

Rock Pools at Kingscliff Beach

We were going to do some paddle boarding, but the creek was running really fast and I was scared we'd be swept out to see, so we decided to take a walk along the beach instead. We found some very cool rock pools which had little blue fish swimming around in them. It was very hard trying to get Roman back to the car after this discovery, but the promise of an ice-cream when we got back to the campsite helped.

Sunset Photography at Kingscliff Beach

I decided to go for a quick drive while Roman was helping Grandma with dinner. I wanted to take some sunset photos at Kingscliff Beach. I've missed taking landscape photos, as I don't get to do it as often enough as I'd like to nowadays, so it was a good to be able to get back into it again.

I grabbed my trusty tripod, dusted off the SLR, switched it on and popped my ISO onto 100. I managed to get some pretty good images as the sun was going down. It was getting pretty dark by the time I left though, so I ended up changing my settings to ISO 500, but by then the colour started going out of the sky, so I packed up and headed back to camp.

Below are some images that I took with my SLR camera.

Tropical Fruit World

We went to Tropical Fruit World on our last day. You can do a farm tour for $48 for adults or $28 for a child. They also have concession and family rates as well. You can taste all different types of fruit along the way. You can buy chocolate covered fruit in their shop front, or get a fruit soft serve ice cream in the cafe. They also have meals for lunch and a shop where you can purchase all different sorts of jams, mustards, honey and other condiments.

Kingscliff Accommodation

If you're looking for somewhere to stay in Kingscliff, there are loads of Airbnb places to choose from. There are also beachfront caravan parks on the Esplanade where you can stay in a caravan, tent or cabin and wake up to the sound of the ocean crashing on the sand each morning. And if you sign up to Airbnb through my link, you can score yourself AU$55 off your first stay. How cool is that?

I hope this post has helped you to explore Kingscliff and book a fantastic holiday with your kids. Kingscliff really is a lovely place to visit. I will definitely be returning there again soon. I'd like to take a drive up to Fingal Head to have a look around too.

If you have stayed at Kingscliff and can recommend something to do there, please let others know by commenting below. You can see more of my photos on Instagram. If you #abackpackandaboy you may even get featured on my page.

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