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Travelling in a Campervan with a 5 Year Old - What we did in Boreen Point, Noosa

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

I've always wanted to travel in a campervan and experience a vanlife trip and where better to go than my favourite place in the world - Noosa?

My son and I have been taking the time to travel in every school holiday we can, and this time we hired a campervan and took a road trip up to Boreen Point in Noosa. We hired a hitop campervan from The Campervan Rental Shop and picked it up from Brisbane. After a quick safety briefing on how to use the van and all the accessories, we were off. (More about hiring the campervan in another blog post.)

We drove the couple of hours up to Boreen Point Campground and parked the van next to grandma and grandad's caravan, set up our beds for the night and then went off to explore Lake Cootharaba on foot. The lake is part of the Noosa River System and is such a massive place to explore. You can even launch your boat there and explore the whole lake in a day, however it's quite shallow, so make sure to stay in the deeper channels or you'll probably get stuck on the bottom and will have to get out and walk.

The campground is located right on the edge of Lake Cootharaba and has both powered sites and unpowered sites, right on the water's edge. You can hear the small waves washing up on the shore, as you lay in your campervan contemplating whether to sleep in, or get up and take photos of the sunrise - which I can definitely recommend! The sun rising over the water is just stunning.

Lake Cootharaba is absolutely amazing. It's shallow all the way round (only up to your shins) so it's perfect for little kids. We took a walk along the beach, all the way to the end, and even found a little secret track through the trees, which took to you yet another private beach which was so secluded away from the camp ground. As I normally do when I go away somewhere, I took some photos of the sunset on the beach.

The camp grounds have multiple shower and toilet blocks with a camp kitchen in the centre, where you can use their kettle, toaster, BBQ's and sinks for washing up. We had a BBQ on 2 of the nights, as they were so convenient to use! There is also a charging station at the camp kitchen, if you need to charge your mobile phone and aren't on a powered site. We had pretty good phone and internet reception at the camp ground, however when we went into town, it was SOS only.

Van life with kids
Vanlife with kids

I saw that a lot of people brought their own solar panels and were charging them up during the day as well. The campgrounds were very safe and people just left most of their stuff out while they were walking along the beach.

You get to meet all sorts of friendly people who come to use the communal area and there were plenty of kids riding around the campgrounds for Roman to play with as well. The main shower block only had luke warm water when we went, however we found another shower block up the back which provided hot showers and they were just lovely!

The campground also has septic dump point (which unfortunately we were parked right next to, so the smell was terrible when someone opened the lid. Fortunately it didn't last long and not may people used it while were were there). If you are staying for a while though, this could come in very handy!

The property has bore water in the toilet and shower blocks, however we also found a tap which provided tank water which was good for drinking. There is also a basket ball court with a massive field which was perfect for a game of soccer too. We found out that Grandma isn't that good at soccer. Haha.

We decided to go for a walk up to the playground in the campgrounds, so that Roman could have a play on the equipment to burn off some energy. There were some pretty cool artworks in the playground, and we had fun finding all the animals in the pictures. Roman had a go on the slide and grandma and grandad both had a go on the roundabout and swings. We then went for a walk into town, as we saw a little coffee shop not far away as we were driving in. We bought ice-creams and coffees for everyone.

We continued our walk along the lake and found a boardwalk to a lookout where you could look out over the lake and see all the bushfires that are currently burning at Noosa North Shore. It was terrible to see so much smoke in the air knowing that people have been evacuated from the area.

Here is a video of how smokey it was on the first day of our arrival:

Luckily the smoke cleared up by the end of the day and we had perfect weather for the rest of our stay. It was a bit windy on one of the days, however I think this helped to clear up most of the smoke.

The lake was so still in the mornings, but by around lunch time the wind started picking up a bit, so if you want to go kayaking, its best to do it in the morning right after breakfast.

I brought my paddle board along with me so I could have a paddle on the lake, but soon discovered that the lake wasn't deep enough to accommodate the fin on the bottom of the paddle board, so I couldn't use it. The campground hires kayaks for $15 for half a day, or $20 for a double kayak for half a day from Norm's Beach, so we just hired one of those instead.

We paddled all the way to the lookout point and along the foreshore, up to where the beach ends - and back again. Here is a video of us sitting in the kayak with the wind pushing us along.

After kayaking, we walked up to the local pub for lunch and a drink and the staff were so friendly there too! One of the ladies behind the bar found a ball that she gave to Roman so he could have a kick while we were waiting for our lunch to cook.

We had the best time during our trip away. If you haven't been to Boreen Point in Noosa, I definitely recommend it. It's a fantastic spot for kids and the scenery is just stunning. The lake is the perfect spot to explore with a kayak and it's so peaceful and secluded.

If you want to book a holiday at the Boreen Point Campground you can do so through their website or give them a call on 07 5485 3244. The staff are just lovely and the campground is pet friendly, as long as your dogs are tied up at your site or on a leash with you.

If you want to hire a campervan for your van life trip, you can do so from The Campervan Rental Shop. They have a great range of campervans to suit everyone, whether you're on a budget or you want something more luxurious with a shower and toilet. I will write another post about the features of our campervan in another blog post. Keep an eye out for it soon.

If you stay at Boreen Point Campground like we did, take a pic and post it on Instagram and #abackpackandaboy and I may feature your image. Happy camping!

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